Celebrating 10 Years of Movements
November 29, 2017

​10 years ago, Jen and I endeavored to start something that, at the time, seemed like a novel concept – grow a movement more than a ministry.

Starting on college campuses and not knowing a better term, I simply called it “Student Church Movements”.

I was convinced the way of Jesus could grow more like dandelion seeds spreading on the wind, blowing as the Holy Spirit moves.

We took a risk, and I’m glad we did.

And we never would have made it without YOU.

Our lives are so enriched by those with whom we’ve had the privilege of pursuing Jesus. People we have come to call friends and spiritual family.

Those who welcomed us.

Those who believed in us.

Those who gave to us.

Those who cried with us.

Those who laughed with us.

Those who prayed with us through tough times.

Those who received us like they were receiving Jesus himself.

Those who took up the challenge to express something in their hearts to influence the people around them with the love and power Jesus gave us.

Those who simply picked up the call to GO and translated the heart of Jesus into loving, practical action.

Our desire from the very beginning is to fulfill Jesus’ words to his disciples: “Freely you’ve received. Freely give.”

It’s the call of Jesus to all people everywhere: Love your neighbor, speak the good news that Jesus is alive, make disciples who follow Him, and seek God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.

In celebration of 10 years of Student Church Movements, I put together this montage of highlights from the last ten years of our friendships and travels, pursuing this Jesus Way of life the best we know how.

You might see yourself in some photos! (With apologies to many others I couldn’t find pictures for.)*

To our friends near and far, I say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes.

Into your hearts.

Into your ministries.

For sharing quality time and becoming part of our family.

The great news of Jesus travels well on the wings of friendships.

To everyone in this video and many others I couldn’t find decent pictures for, thank you for sharing in the joy of journeying with Jesus together for the last ten years!

With love and gratitude,


*Music is “Home” by Phillip Phillips and “We Are Loved” by Kenny Peavy

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  1. Josh Hill

    Awwee, this is so great! I got all sentimental for you guys. Praise God for all He has done, and for the way you’ve been able to enjoy taking part in it!!


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