DeMystifying Evangelism
November 5, 2019

Did you ever notice that Jesus was a great conversation starter? He taught people in the course of everyday life about the kingdom of God, using terms and images they could relate to:

He spoke with farmers about seeds.

He talked with shepherds about animals.

He related to fishermen using fishing analogies.

He taught businesspeople about giving and increase.

Jesus wasn’t in a frenzied rush to get people to understand who He really was. He taught people about how to really live – in this life and the next!

And as they listened, dialogued, hung out with Him, and saw demonstrations of His power, Jesus started a spiritual awakening that continues growing across the globe today.

This week, I spend some time with my friends Tim and Jake to discuss ways we can “demystify evangelism” and discover the joys of creating life-changing conversations with others like Jesus showed us.


  1. Jeremy Story

    We definitely make simple conversations way to complicated. Living an integrated life means having a conversation about Jesus can be as simple as having a conversation about anything else we are passionate about. Great article.


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