You’ll be amazed how powerful a Kickball can be
May 11, 2015

Tony is a college student in Schenectady, NY.

He has a big heart.

He wants to help others follow Jesus.

He’s now making a big difference in teenagers’ lives.

I met Tony in a DiscipleX training a few months ago hosted by my friend Dave Worcester.

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Tony leading a DiscipleX group

Tony leading a DiscipleX group

Tony wrote a brief plan for making disciples. He prayed and set personal goals.

I returned to NY this week to visit Tony and the other students.

Tony’s story is encouraging!

Tony led his friend Carlos to Christ. They began going through Pocket Disciple together.

Tony and Carlos

Tony and Carlos

Tony and Carlos began to feel compassion for teenagers in their city.

They prayed and felt God leading them to go to the city parks.

They began giving out bottles of water and talking with people.

Some people were suspicious at first. It was kind of a rough area, known for crime and sexual predators.

They met a group of teenagers.

Two of them prayed to accept Christ!

Tony noticed they were holding an old, raggedy kickball.

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Tony had an idea,

“Hey, do you like to play kickball?”


“How would you like it if we came back next Saturday with a new ball and some snacks? We can teach you more about God and then play kickball together.”

The teens were enthusiastic.

Our group prayed for Tony and Carlos this weekend, blessing them in their new ministry together.

Students put money into a hat to “sow into” Tony and Carlos’ work with these teens.

Students gave money to pay for kickballs and snacks

Students give money to pay for kickballs and snacks

We all want God to use our lives to make a difference. People like Tony remind me that God uses those who are simply willing to try.

Keep making disciples!

— Erik

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  1. Mark Ryan

    Hey Erik,
    Great session last Friday…it was truly a pleasure meeting you- hope to see you again in the near future!


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