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Why 9 in 10 who meet Jesus fall away…and how we can change that. The Story of Wesley and the Circuit Riders

Circuit Rider

   Fall 2000 I sat in the small living room of the student residence hall. It was dark and dingy, smelling slightly like a paradoxical mix of locker rooms and A and F Cologne. I’d met a student athlete in the parking lot and we were now here in his room. I’d had the chance […]


Norway 1

Last week, we stood at the edge of the North Sea in Southern Norway, watching the fog roll in over the rocky islands. It was an erie feeling, a combination of things both old and new. Good and evil. It is hard for me to describe the paradoxical atmosphere — it felt both thick and thin […]

My New Book “Disciple” Released This Week

Disciple book

My new book, Disciple released this week on   “Disciple” is a solution to the issue facing every generation – how to equip all followers of Jesus to be disciples and become disciple makers. “Disciple” is not a book to passively read – it’s an action-packed power tool to facilitate real-life discipling relationships with intentionality. […]