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Celebrating 10 Years of Movements

Fish family 2017

​10 years ago, Jen and I endeavored to start something that, at the time, seemed like a novel concept – grow a movement more than a ministry. Starting on college campuses and not knowing a better term, I simply called it “Student Church Movements”. I was convinced the way of Jesus could grow more like […]

Something personal from Portland


The last few weeks, our family traveled from Portland, OR to Portland, ME. Yep, West Coast to East. Next week, our family will be in our 50th U.S. state together. Wow… What a ride. We had several strategic stops on this last trip.  There are deeply encouraging stories about people encountering Jesus. For now, I wanted to share something more personal… I […]

Family fun

Hudson and Graham

This week, I wanted to share a few family highlights from our travels. After 18 months on the road with our four kids (and our dog), our family recreation times have become MEGA important! We went skiing in Lake Tahoe over Christmas. It was wonderful! Even Graham (6 yrs) was able to get the hang of skiing and take on […]

Reflections at Mile 5,964


Two months ago, we sold our house, put all we own into storage, and set out on an adventure as a family. We’re traveling the country, making new friends, visiting old ones, starting churches, and building a lot of memories along the way. As we go, we’re observing how God is moving in different parts […]